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So you have tried everything but the issues still exist. Have you tried CBD Hemp OIL? Here are some issues I HAD.

1. Blood sugar level

2. Joint discomfort

3. Immune system

4. Sound sleep

5. Digestive function

6. Cholesterol

7. Cellular degeneration

8. Mood issues

Note: #6 & #7 I am still working on.

I say this not to impress you but to impress upon you that you have a choice. I joined a company, at NO COST, and ordered my desired bottle. I talked to some friends and they too had some of the same issues and now they share what CBD Hemp Oil has done for them. It is that simple to do and I am willing to work with you for what little time you may have. Just tell your spouse or the one you are committed to, that you have a part-time position to make some extra income. Send me a private message and I will be happy to share the road to travel. Then again, if you don’t wish to make an extra 3 to 4 hundred you can just watch TV and play games on your phone. Either way is good with me. But I don’t watch TV and don’t have time for games.  http://bit.ly/2HiGk9q

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